What are cookies?

These are small text files called cookies (cookies) saved by the web server on the user’s computer, in his cell phone or other device used for browsing websites. With default settings, only the server that created the cookie can read it.

These files may contain information that allows correct and personalized operation of the website. They are used to correctly handle forms and internet baskets, probes, counters, remember the settings selected by the user, data for statistical, advertising or social applications.

This website uses or may use the following cookies:

  1. To maintain and identify web browsing sessions . They are so-called session cookies , which expire when the web browser is closed, in the event of physical deletion of the cookie from the computer or after the session when leaving the website.

    They contain information such as:
    – cookie name,
    – cookie identification value,
    – domain name,
    – access path,
    – expiry time,
    – etc.
  2. To save information that will facilitate the use of the site or allow the proper operation of surveys or Internet surveys. They are so-called permanent cookies that expire on the date specified or after deletion.

    They may contain, for example:
    – an IP address,
    – information enabling personalization of the appearance and operation of the website,
    – information on the functioning of the internet service,
    – etc.
  3. For technologies and applications:
    – advertising (e.g. Google Ads ),
    – statistical (e.g. Google Analytics ),
    – social, e.g.
  4. Google+ (details on the pages ” Cookies used by Google ” and ” Google Privacy Policy “),
  5. Facebook (details on ” Cookies, pixels and similar technologies ” and ” Rules for the use of data “).

They can save data such as:
 IP number, type of website visited,
– selected Internet service,
– browser type (with identifiers), monitor resolution, operating system, GPS data
– visit time, source of visits, entry and exit page,
– ad format, ad file type,

Cookies used by the website operator’s partners are subject to their own privacy policy.

Information on how to limit or disable cookies in your browser: