SAILING YACHT Cobra 33 – Naya-Naya (2012)

COBRA 33 is a beautiful tourist and regatta yacht with 3 lockable cabins and a spacious mess. It provides free rest for up to 9 people. Designed by the legendary Andrzej Skrzat – constructor of Tango, Delphia and other bravest units. Cobra 33 is equipped with a stationary diesel engine, steering wheel, thruster and many other amenities that allow one-man operation of the yacht, even with an inexperienced crew. At the same time, it has great nautical properties and can confidently participate in the regatta. The yacht is suitable for families with children, because thanks to the ballast it is not turned over, which guarantees 100% safety. This is undoubtedly one of the fastest and most luxurious yachts in Masuria.


  • 17 ‘LCD TV + DVD, radio, mp3
  • Diesel engine Yanmar 16-17 HP
  • ELECTRIC CABESTAN (raising mast, sword, or picking sails with one button!)
  • depth sounder
  • fully equipped KAMBUZ with gas stove and sink
  • Electric REFRIGERATOR (additional battery + charging from the engine) 
  • backlit cockpit table
  • Marine toilet (stationary)
  • BATHROOM with shower and hot water
  • Webasto AIR HEATING (enables comfortable swimming even in October)
  • Professional 5-band METEREOLOGICAL STATION
  • compass, barometer, anemometer, thermometer and many other amenities


hull length9,93 m
overall width3,33 m
KLW length9,61 m
KLW width2,66 m
draft to KLW0,45-1,65 m
weight4695 kg
capacity1100 kg
sword, internal ballast1500 kg
height above KLW13,15 m
stationary engineDiesel 16-17 HP
arrowhead 1100 L
design categorymax.8 osób


Cobra 33 is a non-tipped ballast yacht, which guarantees maximum sailing safety.

In addition, it has deck protection in the form of 60 cm railings around the entire perimeter of the yacht. Railings are made of double stainless steel cable supported by steel posts and baskets.

All our yachts have JACHT-CASCO, OC insurance.


The yacht’s construction is based on shell technology made of polyester and glass laminates. It consists of three main shells, deck shell, hull shell and structural grate shell. With the exception of the deck shell, the shell structure is monolithic. The deck shell in places designated for communication is stiffened with a l5mm spacer of Airex foam. ” All components of the yacht’s hull are permanently connected by gluing and laminating with polyester-glass laminate. In heavily loaded places, the plating was strengthened by increasing its thickness accordingly. All details made of wood were protected against water by varnishing. All the details made of polyester-glass laminate were protected against water from the outside with a layer of special polyester resin called gelcoat, and from the inside with a layer of polyester resin called topcoat. Steel details are made of polished stainless steel.


The cockpit with average dimensions L = 3, OOm W = 2.00m H = 1.90m is recessed from the deck 0.60m and open towards the stern and the steering wheel. It also has a fold-out, very functional table with a compartment for drinks. This is one of the largest dashboards found on Masurian yachts.


The basic drive of the yacht is Bermuda triangular sails consisting of a grotto and rolled Genoa. Sails are supported on a mast made of duralumin profile reinforced with two pairs of stays, as well as a stay and backstay. The mast is set on board. Stationary drive with a diesel engine, folding screw with two blades. This is the best propulsion system in charter units.