MOTOR YACHT HOUSEBOAT FUTURA 860 – Dziewczyna Jamesa Bonda

The economical motor yacht FUTURA 860 is the premiere of 2013, it is addressed to people who value comfort and convenience. Our Houseboats Futura 860 – 2015 have 3 separate lockable cabins and a bicycle rack. FUTURA 860 may be chartered without permission. The modern equipment of the yacht makes it easier to drive than a car. Thanks to thrusters, you can effortlessly approach the quay from all sides, and top-class navigation systems will help you bypass any sandbar. The elegant folding bimini allows you to close the space of the entire cockpit to protect the crew from the sun, wind or rain and swim in conditions of maximum comfort.


The yacht’s construction is based on shell technology made of polyester and glass laminates. It consists of three main shells, deck shell, hull shell and structural grate shell. With the exception of the deck shell, the shell structure is monolithic. The deck shell in places intended for communication is stiffened with a 1.5 mm Airex foam spacer. ” All components of the yacht’s hull are permanently connected by gluing and laminating with polyester-glass laminate. In heavily loaded places, the plating was strengthened by increasing its thickness accordingly. All details made of wood were protected against water by varnishing. All the details made of polyester-glass laminate were protected against water from the outside with a layer of special polyester resin called gelcoat, and from the inside with a layer of polyester resin called topcoat. Steel details are made of polished stainless steel.


hull length8.90 m
overall width 3,20 m
dipping 0,55 m
weight 4220 kg
capacity 1200 kg
YANMAR engineYanmar – 21 KM 
combustion 2-2,5 L /1h 
max speed14 km/h 
GPS with map and depth
bow thruster
fuel tank70 L
water tank200 L
crew Max. 7 osób


The deck around its entire circumference is equipped with a protective railing made of stainless steel pipes supported by posts. The height of this security is 40cm.


The cockpit, average dimensions L = 3.0 m W = 2.80 h = 2.20 m, open towards the stern.


The stationary drive is a reliable engine – YANMAR diesel (21HP).


The yacht has hot water, shower in the toilet, marine toilet, Webasto heating, TV, RTV, fridge, fishfinder, external washer, deck washer and many other amenities. An additional innovative solution is the bicycle rack located at the stern, enabling the transport of four bikes. Galley equipped with a two-burner gas stove, electric fridge and a sink with outboard and drinking water allows you to prepare the most exquisite meals. A huge advantage of the yacht, allowing you to enjoy the charms of sailing, from April to October is heating webasto.


Our Houseboat barge is equipped with a bicycle rack on the stern, designed for carrying 4 two-wheelers. You can rent a bike at a price of PLN 15 / day.